About Us

Lorax Systems is a safety and environmental solutions company, delivering innovative products to enhance the visibility and control of natural gas distribution systems for all types of natural gas installations.

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Fueled by Innovation

Did you know that fuel filtration systems have the potential to reduce the consumption of millions of barrels of crude oil every year, while ensuring the reliability and performance of critical equipment? We create cutting-edge products to combat environmental challenges like these. 

Our innovations are universal, spanning across categories and applications — this creative spirit has driven us to become a trusted technology leader. Lorax Systems products offer unique solutions, engineered and tested to perform in the toughest conditions. 

We strive to not only meet industry and regulatory standards, but to also raise the bar for the long-term safety, operational and financial benefits for our customers.

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The Lorax Systems Promise

We are driven to provide practical solutions to real-world problems. Our products are engineered to provide unparalleled safety and/or environmental benefits to the communities we serve. Meeting industry and regulatory standards, we raise the bar for the long-term safety, operational, and financial benefits for our customers.

Simply put, every Lorax Systems product is engineered to deliver as promised every time.